Multiplication Waterfall

Ok, so this isn’t something that I’ve figured out how to embed yet, but it’s still great math tech, with an art twist!

The Multiplication Waterfall by Stefanie Posavec and Hadrien Jouet is a nice little web app that turns multiplication into art, by replacing the numbers with symbols of various colors.  I think this would be a fun way to create a pattern investigation worksheet of some kind, or a way to encourage students to begin a math/art inquiry!


TED Talks

TED’s tagline is: Ideas Worth Spreading.  Sounds like education to me!  Some of TED’s talks are great at motivating teachers to teach better; some are great for motivating students to want to learn; others are great specific examples of ideas and topics you may be teaching.

Be careful when you head over to or you might find yourself chewing up 20 hours of time!  It is an addictive place to get motivated.

If you’re interested in using TED Talks on your own website, you can easily click the SHARE button just below the video.

After you have selected SHARE, then you will see various options for embedding.  If you are a WORDPRESS user make sure to grab the specific code so that it will show up appropriately in your blog.  Otherwise, grab the embed code and insert into your own page.

Here are a few of my favorite examples!

Frontline Videos

Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei?

Frontline is great program produced for PBS by WGBH Boston.  There are a variety of current events relating to the sciences and humanities.  Best of all, they have tons of FULL EPISODES available to EMBED right into your class page!  The videos can even be watched chapter by chapter.

Go to the Frontline page and find the video you would like to put into your page.  

After you choose the video and start to watch, you can select EMBED on the right hand side.  This will give you a quick pop up window.  Choose the size you want the video to be on your site, and then copy the code.  Use an EMBED gadget to put the video into your class site!
The videos even come with additional links for media resources.  For instance this video I use for my Science class has links (on the Frontline page) to an accompanying article in the Washington Post.