Welcome to the updated blog…

So after fighting the urge for some time now, I’ve made the transition to WordPress.  I don’t have anything against WordPress, but seeing as how my blog originally grew out a tutorial website for Google Sites, it felt kind of wrong to use a different platform.  Unfortunately, Google Sites has not kept pace with many of the changes in HTML coding, and it lost the ability to embed a few of my favorite elements (Twitter was the clincher).  So at the beginning of the school year I switched over to using iWeb on my mac along with Dropbox for hosting the site.  I have really enjoyed the results (you can check out my G7 Science page if you’re interested), however, I didn’t want to use it to run my blog.

For my blog I was looking for a platform that would allow 1) easy posting of ideas, 2) able to be tagged with multiple topics to allow for easy searching without multiple postings, and 3) was something that wouldn’t require me to sign up for something new.

WordPress was really the only tool that fit the bill.  I have recently joined the collaborative blog InquireWithin, so that took care of #3.  It took some time to deal with the complex WordPress Dashboard, but I eventually figured out how to multi-tag and create the navigation toolbar I wanted, so that took care of #2.  Finally, it’s a blogging tool, so what could be easier for posting?  Well, it’s actually quite tough to embed items into WordPress, so that actually took care of my unwritten #4: Challenge Yourself!

Hope you enjoy the new site, and hopefully I will continue to fill it as I broaden my perspectives to include all Ed Tech ideas I have, not just Embeddable objects (although that’s still my passion!)


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