Google SketchUp Models

Google SketchUp can be a powerful learning tool for Math when learning Geometry.  I use it for a large Grade 7 Math project called Mathsville, where students design and build their own virtual houses to learn about Area, Volume, Ratios, Symmetry, Similarity, and other topics (You can check out the PDF of my unit at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in ideas for how to use it in class if you’re not already).

One way to showcase students’ work is to have them upload their models to Google’s 3D Warehouse.  This will then allow you to embed their model into a webpage!

To upload the model to the 3D Warehouse, in SketchUp go to:
File>3D Warehouse>Share Model

After you have uploaded the model, go to the 3D Warehouse website and locate your model.  
Then select SHARE on the right hand side, and select GET THE EMBED CODE

Before you COPY/PASTE the embed code, make sure you select the 3D VIEW button.

After you have copied the code, go to your Google Site and EMBED the code using CODE WRAPPER.

You will then end up with a nice 3D preview of the model embedded on your website!
Unfortunately, WordPress is not the friendliest of EMBED sites out there, and I’m having trouble porting the code into the site, but this works great on Google Sites and other sites that allow easy embedding.  You can check my original post on Google Sites here.

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