Spicy Nodes

Spicy Nodes is a powerful mind-mapping tool. That uses algorithms to produce interactive movement between the components of the mind map.  Overall it gives it the feel of having weight and elasticity to the ‘nodes’ or mind-map bubbles.

It is still in a Beta testing phase, so there are still some bugs to be worked out.  I found that the larger files tended to be quite slow, so it might not be ready yet for mapping EVERYTHING you’re thinking, but it has some nice potential for education.
When creating your NODEMAP, as they call them, you have the option to choose some basic STYLES, which give you a starting background color, node color, and connector style.
EDITING CONTENT is admittedly a bit tricky.  You basically create an outline version of your mind-map, which will then be rendered into the nodemap.  It would be nice if you could edit the nodemap itself, but at the moment this is not possilbe.
When EDITING DETAILS you can add an optional description that will show up when the node is clicked.  One nice feature is the ability to load IMAGES and VIDEOS directly from the web into the nodemap via a copy/paste of a URL.  You also have the option of customizing the colors if you’re a control freak like I am!
Once you have all of the content set, you can go back to EDIT DETAILS and at the bottom of the page you will be given a few options.  GET URL will give you the nodemap url, that you can email to others, or paste into a link on your page.
To EMBED the nodemap directly into your own site, choose GET HTML.  Select the size you want the embed object to be; copy the code; then use an appropriate EMBED GADGET  to put the nodemap right into your page.
Below is the nodemap that I have in my class page.  I wanted to highlight the additional resources available to my students, and found that they often did not go to the links (or even know they were there!).  I have created this nodemap, and will be adding links and videos as they are relevant.  If you would like to see it actually in action you can visit my Grade 7 Math page.

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