I can’t believe that I have not fallen in love with Scribd sooner!  It’s was one of those in-one-ear-out-the-other kind of websites I had heard mention of, but never really paid attention to.  That is until I decided to once and for all solve the problem of embedding PDF’s into my webpage.  I was sick of copy/pasting out the information, or trying to screen capture and upload jpgs.  So after a bit of googling, I found a mention of Scribd and decided to test it out.  Within 5 minutes I was hooked.  

It was dead simple to upload my PDFs, and it even automatically created a user for me after it detected my Facebook account.
When you select the UPLOAD button, it will take you to an upload page allowing you to choose to upload files from your computer, from Google Docs, or even by typing them on the fly.
Once you upload your file, you have the option of tagging it for future searches, and can decide whether or not the document will be made public or private.
After you have clicked SAVE, you can access the document by clicking on the BLUE file name of your document.  This will take you to the document page, and will give you some great options.  In the top right corner of the page it provides with a single button click to change the privacy setting (one of my favorites!); upload a revised version of the file; print; or create collections.
Further down on the right side are the sharing options.  You can share via Facebook, Twitter, or get the EMBED code.  I also like how it provides you with ‘shelves’ of documents that you have uploaded, and of other similar work.
Once you have selected EMBED, you will be given the code that you can copy/paste in to the EMBED GADGET on your Site or Moodle page.  The final result will look like the document below.  One of my favorite features is FULLSCREEN view option.  It is such a nice clean view of the PDF I don’t think I will ever ask my students to download smaller PDFs again!  In fullscreen you also have the option of viewing in BOOK mode, which is quite fun, and would work well on an iPad I would imagine.  

This will also change the way that I will create resources.  I already like to PDF my worksheets, but now I can focus all my energy there, and then in 2 minutes have it integrated into my class page.

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